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Public Relations – Critical Success Factors

Choosing a PR agency can be a difficult task. Over the years we have identified some critical success factors, which can make or break your PR campaign:

  • Pick an agency that understands your sector. Look for good contacts in your key target press and for evidence of achieving coverage in relevant media.

  • Does the agency have ex-journalists on staff? Having an intimate knowledge of how news organisations work and how to write useable copy is invaluable in achieving coverage.

  • Has the agency invested in the latest media targeting and feature tracking technology? Making sure your press information is sent to the right person is vital as is having up-to-date details of feature opportunities.

  • Can the agency provide a written plan of action detailing deliverables and outputs over the campaign period?

  • Is the agency honest and transparent about expectations of press coverage or do they over promise and under deliver?

  • Does the agency expect you to do all the writing? A good agency will do the majority of the work for you and know your sector well enough to keep the learning curve to the minimum.
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